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Sacrifice Of Praise - A song about seeking God and being a worshipper in every season of life.  

Sometimes praise and worship is easy, sometimes it's a real sacrifice. Sometimes we don't understand our circumstances or why bad things happen. What we do know is that The Father is always looking for worshippers. (John 4:23)  

There are many examples in the bible of men and women who, despite terrible circumstances, chose to worship God and give him costly praise and thanksgiving.  Worship that would not make sense in the eyes of those around them. The early church sang hymns of praise whilst being beaten and imprisoned.  They rejoiced at the confiscation of their possessions and, in the face of torture and death, remained loyal to Jesus even though it cost them their lives.   The bible is full of eye witness accounts like these.  Here are just two examples of individuals who have inspired me with that type of worship.

- DAVID:  King David was facing the imminent death of his newborn son. He pleaded for his son's life while he was still alive. Once his son had died, he went to the temple and worshipped God with all of his heart. Then he went home, changed his clothes and ate food.  - All at the bewilderment of those around him. (2 Samuel 12:20)

- JOB:  Job was a man who had everything and yet lost everything. Even while his loved ones were being torn away from him, he boldly declared "the Lord has given, and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord, be praised."  When others continued to question him, he would reply with statements such as "though he slay me, yet will I hope in him!"  (Job 13:15)